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"Where there are Chinese, there is Teresa Teng's voice." On the evening of October 26, Dai Han Anne, known as Little Teresa Teng, performed with the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra in Chengdu.

"Unaffectionate" Deng Lijun Jinqu Symphony Concert, which reproduces Deng Lijun Jinqu, brings many famous classical songs to the audience in Rongcheng.


A song "Goodbye to My Lover", Dai Han Annie reveals her true feelings, recalling the sweet moments once, the present parting makes people more distressed, the audience on the scene are weeping.


Dai Han Anne began to learn piano when she was 4 years old. When she was 10 years old, she first discovered Teresa Teng and wrote many classical songs for her. The old musicians Zhuangnu and Zuo Hongyuan accepted them as disciples.

The two men wrote 5 new songs for Dai Han Anne. This concert, Dai Han Anne not only reproduced Teresa Teng's golden melody, but also brought her own new songs. In the Artemisia Pearl River's piano sound, wonderful display.


Pearl River Emerson signed artist Dai Hannie's "Unfeeling Teresa Teng Jinqu Symphony Concert" was successfully held. We look forward to Dai Hannie bringing you more original works.


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