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On October 31, 2018, the Pearl River Emerson Artist Hanju Concert was successfully held at Dongguan Cultural Weekend Theatre.

The popular singing of the Hanqiang group adds the elements of fantasy flower tune, which has a unique style and presents an audiovisual feast for the audience.

Press briefing

On that day, first of all, we had a group media meeting. At this meeting, the group told us about its music path and its responsibility to society and music culture as a young artist in Dongguan.

On the spot of the media meeting, Mr. Liu Chunqing, General Manager of Emerson, Pearl River, made a speech. He hoped that this cooperation with the Hanju Group would provide a better creative atmosphere for the artists.

For the society to create higher artistic standards and modern aesthetic works. At the same time, it also promotes the brand influence of the Pearl River and the development of the piano music and art circles.

Artemisia, the Pearl River, issues certificates for contract artists.

This concert invites Mr. Wu Songjin, the mentor of the Hanqiang Group, who is a national first-class poet and songwriter and a senior music producer.

Known as "Bole of Music" and "Sage Hand of Star Pushing", he has trained and packaged more than ten popular singers and disciples, such as Yang Yuying, Chen Sisi, Zhou Liang, Huang Weilin (Macao), Zhu Hanfang, Jiang Wenhua Xiaozeng and so on.

After 30 years of work, he has created more than 5000 vocal and instrumental works.

Wu Xihui, a member of the duo, was a pupil of Wu Song early this year, specializing in the creation of Ci poetry and music production under the door.

In 2017, Mr. Wu Songjin's Wisdom Eye and Wisdom Eye combined Wuxi Flower with Cheni to form the first "fantastic pop flower chamber" in China.

"When a thousand or two sides are made, they must be satisfied with each other." The first dreamy coloratura combination in China was born.

Mr. Wu Songjin was proud of the fact that the combination of Hanqiao and Hanqiao could become a contracted artist in the Pearl River Emerson. He personally participated in the certification ceremony.

He also earnestly entrustment his disciples to diligently create and practice hard, and continue to contribute to the cause of music and art.

Mr. Wu Songjin and Mr. Liu Chunqing also sang a gong for the combination of the two.

We hope that the combination will develop better and better in the music and art career and move towards a higher and further future.


A dreamlike song "Green Light Forest" opened the curtain of the concert, and the live music of the golden melody was performed romantically. Sometimes classical style, sometimes popular style.

The song of "Fantasy Popular Flower Tune" by Hanqiang attracted enthusiastic audiences in the accompaniment of the piano of Emerson in Pearl River.

The performance lasted for nearly two hours. The unique style and appealing stage charm of the combination of "Fantasy Popular Flower Cafe" were sought after by music lovers.

The concert also has musicians from Beijing, Shenzhen and the native country performing together. The classical repertoire is staged in turn, bringing a wonderful audiovisual feast to the live audience.

The concert, which lasted nearly two hours, was soon over, and the audience was still in the mood. The group said that they had a good night with everyone.

Finally, we thank our teacher Wu Songjin for his cultivation, Zhujiang Emerson for his support, and the audience for their love.

It is known that the concert was all their original works, all of which were composed by themselves, and some of them even wrote their own lyrics.

This concert shows their extraordinary music, literary attainments and creative skills.

Finally, we look forward to the combination of the Artemisia and the Pearl River to bring you more excellent works.


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